Free Fur Europe

The news is May 18th!

Together with dozens of European organizations, including those that are part of Eurogroup for Animals, one of the most massive initiatives to protect animal rights in the last twenty years has begun.

This time on the front line we find citizens from all over Europe directly and we are not talking about a simple petition. It is called “Fur Free Europe” and is a sort of popular initiative law at EU level. Now it is the people who are asking for a ban on the breeding, import and trade of fur.

By reaching 1 million signatures, the European Commission will be obliged to respond and act on requests!

The key factor that plays in favor of this collective maneuver is the following: The fur industry is facing a serious economic and animal health crisis due to COVID-19.

Twelve European countries including Italy recently asked the European Commission to study options for a permanent ban on fur production. The European Commission is currently reviewing the animal welfare legislation. This revision presents the opportunity to introduce a ban on both the production and the trade of furs, in addition, hundreds of fashion brands and designers have already chosen to stop using furs, adhering to consumer requests.

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