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The Vanishing Fable

“In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”
Andy Warhol.

In the spring of 1968, he wrote in the catalog of an exhibition took place at the Modern Museet in Stockholm. Pop Art was in fact the first language which sowed the seed of the ordinary magnificent, transforming the symbols of consumption in the artistic product.
This germ has found fertile ground in television, where the show has opened slowly to the extraordinariness of ordinary people. The media, with the pay TV channels, dtt, web, and the social networks have proliferated, and with them the chance to become “famous” has expanded exponentially to anyone who wished to become one. The worldwide success of reality shows and talent show is the proof.

The fifteen minutes of fame can be chased for two reasons:
– The first engine is vanity, and with the push of his own strength we see conquer the limelight by the so-called “ordinary people” who understood that expose their weakness and their indecency, having the courage to make a boast, is the way coarsest but more revolutionary, turning the attention to Themselves, and it can also be a way to get the famous 15 minutes of fame. The “Big Brother” is a wonderful demonstration of this.
– The second engine is the passion. Not only one of the singers or dancers who have ever shared the stage of the big Talent Show but also the passion of the chefs, makeup artists, restorers, architects, pastry chefs, photographers, surgeons and extreme travelers. All these professionals find, on the web or in the myriad of thematic channels, a stage to showcase their talent.

The difference between being motivated by vanity or be moved by passion for what you can do is the same as between a transmission trash, and a transmission tutorial.
But in this new scenario, there is still room for the big show? The show made by great professionalism, spectacular scenography, from authors who have ideas, cultured and versatile conductors, dancers and talented singers accompanied by magnificent orchestras. Or with the advent of new communication platforms has changed permanently an era?

Also like Andy Whorol said “There are two major trends in art, one is to create things that are very similar to normal life, while the other is geared to create something special, like a cathedral, something wonderful. But sometimes even focusing on normal situations, you like to a point where it appears the wonderful”.

Being the tv a true reflection of reality, in this time of crisis in profits seems natural to put aside the great cathedrals and move towards the staging of normality hoping to find that magic point where it appears the wonderful.


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