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Rage belongs to the triad of hostility along with disgust and contempt and of these, it represents the core and the basic emotion. Ranked among the primitive emotions, anger can easily be observed in very young children and is one of the earliest emotions, is called often, the primordial reaction.
In the suburbs, anger is expressed in many ways, through violence but also through art. This is what happens with the Hip Hop culture, which is able to channel the revenge and protest of the younger and more vulnerable generations.

In the center of the contemporary issues, wath’s really blowing oxygen to the flame of anger in our society, is undoubtedly represented by the global ongoing economic crisis, and the new policies imposed by dictatorial banking systems feeds the fire of rage, forcing the individual into a corner, especially the poorest people, those perched in the suburbs of the cities.

In the era of globalization, tens of thousands of people all over Europe, screaming to the world “I exist”. “I exist and I am not a product of your companies. I exist because I live my identity, unique and essential and I belong to a people, a religion, a race”.

Rap music, one of the four disciplines of Hip Hop culture, is undoubtedly the social vehicle and the tool available to the people to shout to the world their identity and their own discontent.

Rap music often mixes its way with crime, and the protagonists of this project are among the members of some suburban gangs well known also to Roman chronicles.
It is in Rome where the voice of the people was represented by great artists, like the neo-realist Pier Paolo Pasolini, who was probably the first to guess that the new poetic fury would be born in the suburbs of the city. In those places discriminated against by the followers of the cult of consumerism, because they represented the living spectrum of their greatest fear: poverty.

In 1963 Pasolini made a documentary called “La rabbia” and observing the generation that rebuilt Italy after the war made a very important socio-anthropological analysis.
Today the interpreters of that same revenge are young people from the suburbs, from those places where opportunities are scarce and where the poorest social stratum ends up in itself, expressing its strong disagreement with the society that emerges on an economic level and which expresses it self with his social status, in a word, the well-being.

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