FEVER - Paolo Marchetti Photographer

The Awakening of European Fascism

One of the factors who has allowed humanity to spread across the planet and survive for so long time is the attitude of the populations to move to
the territory.
This phenomenon can take multiple forms depending on the socio-political context and its historical setting, but to date, the exodus of hundreds of thousands of migrants who leave their homeland, fleeing war or total lack of opportunities, has resulted mainly in reaction of closing and intolerance.
In the center of the contemporary issues, what’s really blowing oxygen to the flame of rage in our society, is undoubtedly represented by the ongoing economic crisis, the new policies imposed by dictatorial banking systems that are forcing the individual into a corner and the perpetuation of wars wretchedly camouflaged by religious pretext, and consequently they are awakening the old ideological flows dominated by the closing towards our neighbor and racial intolerance toward the one who is perceived as an invader and not a resource.
In this reaction, which projects towards the immigrant to feeling really easy to handle for a politician, the primordial fear of being conquered and swept away.
The word integration has totally lost its integrity, thus acquiring a meaning distorted and frightening and once again the fear, is instrumentalized as a political tool. In these conditions of closure between people and the opening of philosophies based on “every man for himself”, the perfect storm is ready to rock out and the awakening of fascism in Europe is its hammer.
The suffocating dictatorship banking and its consequent restrictions dictated by economic policies, by the citizens obligations, by deadlines and targets, all this and more contributes to feed the rage.
Here are the consequences of distant conflicts, able to make noise beyond geographical borders, with an echo that triggers new wars for new armies that are not equipped with rifles but they arm themselves of a moral hostility.
Here it is the echo of the “Arab Spring”, terrorist attacks like the one in Paris, and again, here it is the price of wars like the Syrian conflict and the resulting migration flows, the crisis and its moral blackmail, and in the end, that is the feeling of fear portatili trigger all this, it’s this that we must address and on which we must reflect in order to understand what is happening. We must remember that fear is a political instrument, fear camouflaged by values ??such as rescue or the fear of being invaded and the necessity of defending ourself, fear as a precondition to the manipulative policies, these are the considerations to be made before being infected by fever.
In the era of globalization, tens of thousands of people all over Europe, screaming to the world “I exist”. “I exist and I am not a product of your societies. I exist because I live my identity, unique and essential and I belong to a people, a religion, a race. ”
If it’s true that we need to spread an interracial cultures, we have to start looking in the eye of those who (driven by a fatal moral closure), triggers an hostile dynamic towards the encounter between peoples, even when this is determined by the suffering and despair.
“Fever” is not only a political deepening, but it is my opportunity to investigate our times, to study in deep in primordial feeling that is affecting more and more of our societies: the rage.
I’ve worked for more than five years, starting from 2009 till february of 2014, traveling in five different european countries, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland and Hungary, outstanding places but where I’ve easily found the same feelings, the anger , and the fear that acts as an aerobic germ and it contaminates those who live alongside, exactly like the fever does.



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